Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Self Aware Much?

In response to Obama's speech on the debt ceiling negotiations, David Brooks says:
His appearance was suffused with that “I’m the only mature person in Washington” condescension that drives everybody else crazy. Obama lectured the leaders of the House and Senate in the sort of patronizing tone that a junior high principal might use with immature delinquents.
That's right. David Brooks, who makes his living by pretending to be the only mature person in Washington, starts his column with, "Some of us like to think big", and then criticizes Obama for being condescending. This is like Donald Trump accusing someone of having a big ego. Or Sarah Palin claiming someone is unqualified...for anything.

Of course, per usual, being condescending and lacking self awareness isn't enough. Brooks is also inconsistent (this must be in his contract). He starts the column arguing that Obama's patronizing tone has jeopardized the possibility of a grand bargain, but then concludes:
John Boehner and Harry Reid will continue to verbally abuse each other. But there’s a script to their taunts. Nobody’s feelings are hurt. The old pros are perfectly capable of exchanging clich├ęd volleys in the morning and then going off and negotiating with each other in the afternoon.
So, John Boehner is simultaneously an old pro who can take some verbal abuse from Harry Reid, yet not enough of an old pro to handle a patronizing tone from Obama. Thanks David. Your insight is as valuable as ever.