Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You mosque be kidding me

When I first mentioned the mosque controversy, I had no idea this story would become so big and last so long. While the responses of most on the right and many on the left have been disappointing, it has been a useful event, since many of the idiots have been compelled to voluntarily identify themselves.

I think the mosque issue is like a pop quiz--an easy pop quiz. The big test of my lifetime was the Iraq war. That was an easy test, yet lots of our leaders failed. With Harry Reid coming out against the mosque, as long as the Democrats don't lose the senate, I would be happy with his defeat. There are too many Democratic senators who showed better judgment on these issues to have Reid in a leadership position. Ideally, the Dems would replace him even if he wins, but I don't hear anyone even mentioning that possibility.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yet another reason to hate smokers

I just finished installing a 12v socket in the van so that we can charge and run our laptop from the auxiliary battery without worrying about draining the main battery. While doing so, it occurred to me how stupid the standard 12v socket and plug are. Back in the day, car companies implemented in-dash cigarette lighters. Of course, they designed these to accommodate big fat stogies as well. Decades later, we all have to deal with phone chargers, computer chargers, battery chargers, air compressors, inverters, and other 12v accessories with ridiculously large plugs. Auto manufacturers are smartly adding more power points throughout their vehicles, yet they stick with this stupid legacy standard. Surely they know that junior is more likely to use the back seat power point to plug in his Wii than to light up with mom and dad in the front seat, so why not a new compact 12v standard for non-smoking applications? Is that too much to ask?