Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello, Sweden, Can You Hear Me?

Are there no phones in Sweden? According to the news on New Zealand's Radio Live, Julian Assange is fighting his extradition to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault. Of course, like most reporting on Assange and Wikileaks, it is flat out wrong. Assange has not been charged with anything--not in Sweden, not in the USA, nor anywhere else.

Swedish police want to question him about accusations of sexual assault. Fair enough, but do they really need to extradite him to answer questions? Have your people call his people. Exchange letters. Use email. You could even send your prosecutors to England. It's not that far. It would be easier and cheaper than fighting the extraditon case in court and transporting Assange to Sweden. It's weird. These are pretty simple solutions. It's almost as if Sweden has some ulterior motive that has nothing to do with the alleged sexual assault.

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