Thursday, August 30, 2012

Frum Fail (and Romney's a Loser)

As the election nears, David Frum seems to be ramping up the stupid. Here he is talking about Ann Romney's convention speech:
To my ear, Michelle Obama often missed that mark in 2008, talking too much about how her husband had never let her down, which was not the ballot question for most voters. Ann Romney did much better, with her hard-hitting theme: Mitt Romney does not fail at what he undertakes. And he really doesn't.
What? Romney does not fail at what he undertakes? I guess Frum forgot that Romney lost to McCain in the 2008 primary, and then lost to Palin for the VP slot. In 1994, he lost to Ted Kennedy in the Senate race. He followed up his big victory as Governor of Massachusetts by deciding not to run for a second term, thus avoiding a likely loss that may have killed his presidential prospects.

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