Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bayh to Fox News--Hoocoodanode?

What a surprise--Evan Bayh is headed to Fox News. As John Cole at Balloon Juice likes to say, hoocoodanode? Well, Icoodanode. Back in June, I predicted that both Lieberman and Bayh would end up at Fox News.

So far so good. Good because I get to gloat, and good because this will end Bayh's chance of ever being a Democratic presidential candidate. I hope he switches parties and tries to run as a moderate Republican. A humiliating primary defeat might be just the thing to wipe that perma-smug look from his face.

My only worry is that one of the crazies will use him as their vice presidential pick to demonstrate their centrism, just like Fox will use him to demonstrate that they are fair and balanced.

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