Friday, March 4, 2011

War on the Middle Class

I declare war on the middle class. And the lower class. And the upper class. Not with the people, but the terms. When people making $20k to $200k all claim they are middle class, the term is obviously meaningless, at least with regard to finances. What seems to be going on is that people don't want to associate themselves with the uncouth lower class or the snooty upper class. So, we're all middle class. And we're all above average.

The problem here is the word class. The media and policiticans should be replacing class with income: lower income, middle income, and upper income. These terms better represent what we're talking about. They also disassociate income from class, an association clearly disproven everytime some multi-millionaire calls for the "shared sacrifice" of cutting social security benefits, while simultaneously supporting permanent tax cuts for the rich.

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